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One method to start working for yourself & work online

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If you want to start a side hustle or are looking to escape, not only the rat race, but also the confines of a permanent job. If you’re looking for the flexibility to work hard but on your own schedule. If you want to build up something great that is a part of you and you own. Then selling your skills to various employees around the globe is one of the most lucrative job niches you can capitalize on. It’ll allow you to work online from home or anywhere else.

It’s ideal because it’s easy to start in your spare time while you have full time employment. This allows you to cut your teeth and learn the ropes as you build up a reputation. Then, when the workload is at a level that lets you do it on a permanent basis without the safety net of your permanent position. You jump!

For prospective employees, freelance or virtual staff makes a lot of sense. It means they can scale up or down according to the rhythms of their business demands, saving money on regular salaries when business is slow and taking maximum advantage of busy times without losing out. It also allows them to find cost effective services. Not cheap labor or fly by night operators, but quality staff members whose skills and work ethic have been rated by previous employers.

For Freelancers the better their work, the higher their rating which in turn allows them to demand higher rates. It allows them to set their own rates, their own working hours and their own lives.

Start by exploring sites like which has a job and staff finder as well as on online workspace for employers and employees to get their projects done. The platform also exclusively handles transactions in bitcoin, making it much easier for cross border transactions and also has much lower transaction fees.

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